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Your wise top-up helper​

Get load for your Philippines prepaid card ​

Our advantage


no matter where you are

Keeping connected with who you love is the most important thing when you are not around.



​Manual Top-up

Receive in 24 hours​

Manual Top-up


Click button

Go to the product page

Choose a plan

and add to the cart

Choose the payment method

and the delivery method

Note your

Philippine phone number 

​Fast Top-up

Receive in 10 minutes

Fast Top-up


Click button

Enter chatbot

Choose "Robot 24/7 online top-up service"

Choose the telecommunications and load, enter the Philippines phone number,e-mail, and choose the payment method

Complete payment


About us


Topupwise is committed to providing the most convenient and the fastest value-added service. We provide Philippines sim card value-added service for migrant workers who stay in Taiwan or Taiwanese who stay in Philippines.

In the future, we hope to expand our service to Hong Kong, South East Asia and even the whole world.

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